SharePoint 2013 and MAXDOP–No Configuration Required?

August 21, 2013 at 6:32 PMjamesbl

As I was testing some random architecture in my SharePoint 2013 lab recently, (PS – it’s good to work for a hardware company – my lab is finally decent!), I noticed my SQL 2012 server had its MAXDOP configured to 1.  This is great and is obviously a best practice when it comes to hosting SharePoint databases.  The only problem with this was I did not make this change, and considering the default was not 1, I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

I decided to try to catch it in a trace so I spun up SQL Server Profiler and then created a new test content database.



As it turns out, Microsoft apparently made a change to SharePoint 2013 whereby the MAXDOP setting is checked and changed to 1 automatically anytime databases are created.  This includes when you first create your farm and the configuration wizard is run.

This is important for two reasons, one good, and one potentially not so good.

  1. 1. You no longer have to configure this option manually!
  2. 2. If this database server happens to be shared in an enterprise environment, this automatic change done by SharePoint 2013 could potentially have negative effects on the other non-SharePoint databases which reside on the same SQL server.  Be aware!

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